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Alchemywow!! [29 Jan 2017|09:59am]

Bit of a specific request but I'm looking for literally anything and everything by alchemywow? Anything anyone has, especially short fics or drabbles are much appreciated! My email is babydontkillme@hotmail.com! Thank you! X
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Looking for a few fics + anything with a happy ending! [17 Jan 2017|08:54am]
Hey everyone,
I'm looking for a copy of:
Football and Paradise
Romance Sans Paroles
Slow Down Boy
Christmas Carlos
If you could help me with any of them I would be so grateful!

I'm also more generally looking for good fics with a happy ending. I'm not fussed about genre or anything like that, as long as there's a happy ending! (i'm a sucker for them)

My email address is knowles_jessica@rocketmail.com if you have any you can send me or the ones i'm looking for.

Thanks a lot!
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A few fics [25 Nov 2016|08:20pm]

Hi, I'm looking for a few fics. Does anyone have: The Bone Dance, Stockholm Sydrome, Romance sans Paroles or Stand By My Fire When You Got Nothing?

My email is: glitterandgrime09@googlemail.com

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Xmas fic [24 Nov 2016|10:07pm]

Does anyone have a link or a saved copy of a fic where Carl is going to be spending Christmas alone and Peter is a delivery driver who turns up with a hamper from Fortnum and Mason? One of my favourite festive fics, was sure I had it saved but can't find it!
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If You Were Mine & Stand By... [18 Oct 2016|06:00pm]

Has anybody saved the following?

If You Were Mine: Peter is working in a bookshop, he meets Carl at the party. At some point he gives Carl The Master And Margarita book. Carl is friends with Anthony and Didz and Didz is running a magazine agency. It is an AU.

Stand By My Fire When You Got Nothing: Carl is opening a record store and bumps into Peter on the street. Peter is a rent boy. He ends up working in Carl's shop.

If you have any of the mentioend please send to prettyshambeltine@gmail.com
Thank you
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Music When the Lights Come On Series [09 Sep 2016|11:32am]

I'm not sure if I'm thinking of something else or not but was there ever a threequel to the MWTLCO series?
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Side of the Road [21 Aug 2016|06:20pm]


I was wondering if anyone could please possibly send me a copy of "Side of the Road" by the wonderful edithandstan? My email address is izabellamurphy@aol.co.uk

Thank you so much in advance!
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had a list, lost the list, trying to get it back [30 Jul 2016|10:55pm]

hi all! i once had a very massive list of fics that i had saved all of the years, and eventually had to delete them off my computer to make room for work files :/

im basically looking to recover what ive lost (and look for some recommendations too!)

heres the list of what i do have (and feel free to ask for a file, im happy to send it to you):

a certain romance
a christmas crime
albion unwound
awenyddiaeth a sigaretau
boarding school fic
counter attack
down on the upside
england’s dreaming lover’s rock
england’s dreaming
fairytale of new york
fallen through
football and paradise
gothic romance
hide and seek
in the aeroplane over the sea
my adolescent dreams
peter the great
playing games
poetry and pornography
purple and pearls (the oxford fic)
the albion trilogy (parts 1 thru 3)
the bone dance prequel
the bone dance
touching from a distance
tradesman’s entrance
upstairs downstairs
zebra striped shirt

if anyone has any recs, rarities, or classics that they'd like to send me, that would be amazing. i cant recall what ive lost, but id like to revisit some of the pieces ive missed for so long

here's my email: CatherineMDempsey@gmail.com

and again, if there's something on this list that you want, just shoot me an email and ask and i'll be happy to send it your way :)
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Ancient Greece Fic? [19 Jul 2016|04:24pm]

This is probably a long shot and I have a feeling I'm probably confusing my fandoms here, but does anyone know if there was ever a fic with Pete and Carl set in Ancient Greece, right around the time of Alexander the Great? I think they start up as kids and then grow up, and there's references to Aristotle and bunch of other historical things, but it wasn't terribly long.

Any leads would be appreciated!
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Hello [15 Jul 2016|10:56am]

I'm going to be lost in the middle of nowhere in a week or so, and won't have wifi. I was wondering if anyone could send me some fics to my email, so I will have something to read. My email is hope.worsted@gmail.com.


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looking for a particular fic [10 Jun 2016|04:44am]
Does anyone remember the fic where Carl is a high school lunch lady? And he is dating this high school girl, but he's also in this band and Pete saw him play a house show... there is a scene near the end that takes place in a sunny cemetery I think. I really want to read it again but I have no idea who wrote it or what it's called! Thanks!
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Bangkok!! [19 May 2016|11:35pm]

Hi, me again!
Just wondering if anybody had 'Bangkok' saved, I believe by 'fireflyplatform', to send to me? I can offer fics in request, ask and I may have what you're looking for! Email is: esfornow@hotmail.com!
Thank you! xx
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[18 May 2016|05:42pm]

Hey there friends of fic, lovers of Libertines.
There is a person on Tumblr who has maaaaaaany fics saved. Sadly she wasn't on Tumblr for a while (and maybe she won't even come back), didn't read my message and therefor didn't send the fics I wanted to me. So maybe some of you here have some of the fics she saved as well. I ask for a few whose titles sounded interesting:

Alpha & Omega
Be My Valentine
Broken Bottles And Chocolate Buttons
Cocker And Springer
Dictionary Corner
Guessing Game
Is That The Bone Or A Vein
It was 3-15
Lick A Colour
Scent Memory
The Bone Dance
The Wedding Suit

Hope some of you have some of them :)
e-mail: jasmin.gwosdz@web.de
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Old Pics [10 May 2016|04:25pm]

Hey, I don't know if anyone of you can help me but I always love to go through the old entries on thelibs-daily and the pic spams there but sadly there are many pics I can't see anymore and I wonder if some of you know how to solve that problem, whether some of you have pics of those spams saved or something. Here is an example, there are many pics missing:

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Football/Paradise and Berlin [04 May 2016|07:49am]

Hi! Does anyone have copies of Football/Paradise and Berlin that I could have sent to me pretty please xxx

My email is glitterandgrime09@googlemail.com

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[18 Apr 2016|02:23pm]

does anyone know how i can be added to knees_up? i feel like i'm missing a lot of dpt fics that aren't public and i don't think any of the mods are still active :( x
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Milex fics [17 Apr 2016|10:14pm]

Hey everyone, I just want to know if anyone here knows where I can find Milex fics (Miles Kane & Alex Turner), if there are comunities here like albion-fic or if they are here and there on the internet. I know there are writers on Tumblr. And if one of you can recommend a few fics, please leave a link in the comments :)
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[11 Apr 2016|01:29pm]

Hi again! Sorry, I was just wondering if anyone has anything by 'cestmonreve' saved? I have Moulin Rouge Thursday but that's it and I'd really love to read more! My email is: esfornow@hotmail.com
Thank you! xx
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[10 Apr 2016|04:51pm]

I'm so very sorry that I can't make my mind up and just write all my requests in one message, I'm sure that's my last ask. So a very kind person sent A Labyrinth Of Mirrors to me and I read those 106 pages in one go. It's BEAUTIFULLY written with capital letters. There are Pete, Carl, Anthony and Drew in it plus two characters called Gabriel and Luci. It's quite magical yet I just can't tell you more without spoiling it as it's written so that you don't know what's going on at first. It starts with Carl, Drew and Peter arriving in a cottage. They had an accident 6 months ago and Carl's wounds won't heal as they should. I can reeeeaaaally recommend it so if you're interested just leave your e-mail address and I'll send it to you.
And now my request: The person who sent it to me hadn't saved the writer's name so I've got no idea who's the author. If anyone knows that and can send me a few more of their stories, I'd be delighted xx
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[10 Apr 2016|04:35pm]

And it's me again - I remember reading a oneshot about Peter convincing Carl of dressing as a woman which was described delightfully and then them going out. A man in a pub thinks Carl is a woman and molests him, Pete and the man fight and Carl and Pete have sex in an alley. Does that ring a bell? A link would be great xx
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