musingsongands (musingsongands) wrote in albion_recs,

Looking for a few fics + anything with a happy ending!

Hey everyone,
I'm looking for a copy of:
Football and Paradise
Romance Sans Paroles
Slow Down Boy
Christmas Carlos
If you could help me with any of them I would be so grateful!

I'm also more generally looking for good fics with a happy ending. I'm not fussed about genre or anything like that, as long as there's a happy ending! (i'm a sucker for them)

My email address is if you have any you can send me or the ones i'm looking for.

Thanks a lot!
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Sent them all... but if you want a happy ending, Football and Paradise isn't exactly the way forward...

I've recieved them, thanks so much you're a star!
Haha, those ones I don't really mind a happy ending that's just what else I'm looking for. I'll read anything if it's really great but otherwise it has to be happy:p

Thanks again! x
Hey can you please send me romance sans paroles too?
Thank you!!
i've just sent you it x


January 17 2017, 12:57:13 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  January 17 2017, 13:30:49 UTC

You can also get Christmas Carlos on my journal under the Christmas Carlos tag. :-) x
Thanks very much! I'm excited to read it xx
I will friend you so you can have a look around. Most things I write are happy in the end! ;-) x
Thank you!! I've bookmarked so I can have a look around tonight and see what takes my fancy x
I couldn't recommend 'Russian Ducks' highly nuff, whilst you're there. T'is sublime. x
Thanks so much for the rec, I absolutely loved it! x
Aw, you're welcome. I'm so chuffed you enjoyed it. I love all plastic-bead's writing, but RD's is my favourite x
Aww, you. Thank you for reccing. Xxxxxx
Aww...always. T'was a pleasure to Xxxxxx  photo Tiny-Green-Glitter-Heart.gif
Aww, Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry it's sort of unfinished. There was always meant to be another part and I never got round to finishing it.
If you're looking for anything in particular (style/genre/content or whatever), I know there's masses to look through and it's a bit confusing or overwhelming, so if you're stuck, just leave me a comment there somewhere or message me and I will do my best to help.